Create your own surround

Don’t see exactly what you want in our surround styles? Well, now you can customize your own look.

Choose from 3 different shelf styles. Shelf styles AR and ST are available in two standard widths. Shelf ADST has a maximum width that may be moulded to fit a smaller firebox.

Then choose from 6 different leg styles to create the mantel surround that will perfectly fit in with your vision and décor.

As with our pre-styled mantel surrounds all of our a-la-carte pieces are available in various finishes or they may be painted. All come with adjustable filler panels and hearth.

Shelf Styles

AR80 – Top width: 80″, Depth: 10″
AR73 – Top width: 73″, Depth: 9¼”
ST80 – Top width: 80″, Depth: 10″
ST73 – Top width: 73″, Depth: 9¼”
ADST – Standard width*: 71″, Depth: 8¼”
*Width can be adjusted to fit smaller firebox.

Leg Styles

H: 40″; W: 10¼”
D: 5¼”
H: 39¾”; W: 7¼”
D: 3½”
H: 40″; W: 9″
D: 6″
H: 40″; W: 10¼”
D: 5¼”
H: 40″; W: 9¼”
D: 3¾”
H: 40″; W: 9¾”
D: 6½”