Americast Stone Mantels & Surrounds Products

The Look And Feel Of Hand-Carved Stone

Americast Architectural Stone uses the finest quality materials and craftsmanship to create beautiful mantels and surrounds at affordable prices. Constructed from a unique combination of gypsum and fiber materials, our mantels are non-combustible and do not shrink or swell with temperature changes ensuring a tight fit upon installation. Throughout the moulding process, we keep the end-product in mind. Americast’s mantels are built to make installation easy. In fact, many homeowners can install the mantels themselves. All mantels include the shelf, legs, surround filler panels and hearth. Most models have adjustable filler panels that can be cut to allow the surrounds to fit a variety of fireplace openings. Models are available in various finishes, such as travertine. The mantels may also be painted if desired.